Your Money, Your Wealth

Your Money, Your Wealth

On this retirement investing podcast, financial planner Joe Anderson, CFP® and certified public accountant Big Al Clopine answer your money questions...Full Bio

Life Insurance, Muni Bonds, and Dividend Stocks in Retirement - 405

Roth IRA 5-Year Rules: How to Withdraw Money With No Taxes or Penalties - 404

Joe and Big Al clarify once and for all those 5-year clocks for withdrawing money from your Roth accounts. How do the 5-year Roth IRA rules impact the taxation of dividend income? Do the 5-year rules for Roth withdrawals impact thrift savings plan (TSP) to Roth conversions as well? Plus, why contribute to a Roth in the first place and lose today’s tax savings? Joe and Big Al rise to that challenge and they discuss Roth conversions and required minimum distributions from an inherited IRA. Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:

Inflation Investing, Asset Location, and Real Estate Retirement Spitball - 403

Following the Fed’s fourth consecutive interest rate hike last week, should you be changing your investing strategy to time this inflationary market, moving from bonds to 3-year annuity CDs? Plus, Joe and Big Al spitball on asset location and Roth conversions for the in-laws, and a net unrealized appreciation (NUA) strategy for company stock in a 401(k). They also discuss whether extra home mortgage payments are part of an investment portfolio, and what real estate expenses are tax deductible. Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:

Will Your Retirement Savings Last Until You're 90 Years Old? - 402

Are you behind on your retirement savings? What do you need to do to catch up? If you retire in just a few years, will your money last until age 90? Based on the 5-year Roth withdrawal rules, do you need to open a new Roth IRA for each Roth conversion? Plus, Joe and Big Al spitball a health insurance, capital gains, and real estate strategy to save more money and have more wealth in retirement. Finally, they revisit the SECURE Act rules for withdrawing money from an inherited IRA, and Social Security income limits. Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:

Should Young People Save for Retirement? - 401

New research says some young people shouldn’t save for retirement. Find out what Joe and Big Al think about that. Plus, is it tax fraud if you re-file taxes to take advantage of new student loan forgiveness? Should you invest in CDs instead of bonds, since both stocks and bonds are getting crushed right now? How can you consolidate your stock portfolio to minimize capital gains tax? Also, charitably inclined YMYW listeners want to know how to use donor-advised funds when spitballing tax planning around an IPO, and whether to do more Roth conversions or more qualified charitable distributions. Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:

Anything Stupid or Overlooked in Your Retirement Plan Spitball? - 400

Are there any holes in a 5-year plan to retire from the Air Force, buy a house and a plane, and become a commercial pilot? Can you claim an unpaid loan to a start-up as a tax loss, do a Roth conversion, and pay no tax? Are Roth conversions a good idea in a low-earnings year? Does it matter if you convert to Roth before or after changing custodians? What retirement savings options do independent contractors have besides the Solo 401(k)? Does it make sense to cash out a 529 college savings plan that’s losing money? Plus, Joe and Big Al spitball a real estate strategy, and they discuss a state retirement account held at an insurance company. Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:

Survivor Social Security and Lowering Taxes in Retirement - 399

Joe and Big Al explain when and how to claim Social Security survivor benefits and how earning income impacts your benefit if you collect Social Security before full retirement age. Plus, how much should you withdraw in retirement from tax-free, taxable, and tax-deferred accounts? Also, RMDs, deciding whether to keep a life insurance policy, and of course, Roth Conversion strategies - is the backdoor Roth better for long term portfolio growth? Show notes, free financial resources, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:

How to Manage Financial Market Stress? With the Help of a Caddie - 398

As the financial markets fall and then surge, Joe and Big Al talk about market timing, reallocating retirement contributions, and portfolio rebalancing. Plus, your questions answered on estimated taxes, Roth conversions, and the logistics of inheriting IRAs and passing assets on. Finally, how is a financial advisor like a golf caddie when markets get volatile? Joe and his Pebble Beach golf caddie buddy, Big G from the Real Life Caddie Podcast, discuss how their professional knowledge and experience can help the rest of us avoid big mistakes. Show notes, free financial resources, transcript, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air: 

Spitballing Retirement Planning in Your 40's & 50's - 397

A compilation of some of Joe and Big Al's retirement plan spitballing specifically for those in their 40s and 50s - a critical time on the path to retirement. Is your financial plan set up so you pay as little tax as possible? Does it take volatile markets and potential future tax increases into account? Have you got a strategy nailed down for Roth conversions, or backdoor Roth, or pension options? Maybe you’re making big decisions about what to do with your money between now and when you retire, like buying a house vs. saving for retirement? Are you comfortable with the retirement lifestyle you’re creating? Do you know what you’ll do with your time once you’re permanently off the clock? Visit the podcast show notes to access free financial resources, transcript, and to Ask Joe & Big Al On Air:

Backdoor Roth, Investing, and Taxes - 396

Joe & Big Al answer your questions on, of course, backdoor Roth strategies. Y’know, to get as much lifetime tax-free growth on your investments as possible. Plus, investing strategies: does it make sense to buy a property now and rent it out until retirement? How much of a single stock in your investment portfolio can you sell and pay no capital gains tax? The fellas also explain capital loss carryovers, inherited IRAs, spousal Social Security and delayed retirement credits, required minimum distributions, and they spitball on an appropriate allocation of bonds, domestic stocks, and international stocks. Show notes, free financial resources, Ask Joe & Big Al On Air: