How Do We Navigate Life Throughout This Time Of Global Instability?

We’ve gone from a pandemic and political division to inflation and a Russian invasion. With all that’s been happening to us in the past couple of years, how do we navigate life throughout this time of global instability?

If you’re like me, you probably have been feeling a little overwhelmed with all the major events that have occurred throughout the world over the past couple of years. At first, I thought it was my imagination, but as I looked a little deeper into things, I realized that the “new normal” that we have been searching for is actually already here! Unfortunately, it’s a new normal of fighting, division, and worry (if we let it be). 

I wanted to know the best way to get through this time period and if it was something that was going last. 

I spoke with Craig Bryan. He’s a Psychologist and Director of The Ohio State University’s Trauma program. He not only provided us with some great advice on how to mentally cope with all this stress, but he also gave us some insight as to why we are feeling this way.

I also see study after study that talk about the importance of a good night’s sleep and the impact it makes on our mental health! Meanwhile, the Senate just passed legislation that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent, but now experts are saying that’s a terrible idea! Erin Flynn-Evans from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine joined the show to tell us why we need to stay on Standard Time.

But with all of this piling up on us, do we have just TOO much to worry about? It sure feels like it to me. Sometimes when all these dominos are falling, I can’t help but think, “what is my purpose here?”

I knew I needed big answers to big questions. I had to call in the big guns.

Author and world renown alternative medicine advocate Deepak Chopra joined me to discuss all of it... And I can’t help but think our conversation added just a sliver of happiness and peace to the universe and will soon lead us down a path that will forever change the world for the better.

Don’t believe me? Well, click the link below and find out for yourself! 

Listen to me talk with Craig Bryan, Erin Flynn-Evans, and Dr. Deepak Chopra about how to navigate life in a time of global instability HERE!

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