How Much Does It Actually Cost To Own An Electric Car?

With gas prices hitting record levels on a daily basis Californians are searching for relief, but instead of figuring out how to lower the cost of fuel, politicians are telling people to save money by purchasing an electric car.

The average price per gallon for regular unleaded fuel reached $5.72 last Friday in California. That means it’s going to cost you close to $75 to fill-up, even if you have a little car!

So as more and more Califonians start to feel the strain at the pump, they are asking politicians for some straight answers as to why prices are so high and when will they come back down! But, as gas prices spike, the focus turns to zero-emission cars.

Is the only answer to saving money at the pump owning an electric vehicle? 

Electric vehicles aren’t cost free! Not only does it cost to charge them, but insurance and registration costs might even make it MORE costly to drive one than a gas-powered car…

Not to mention, gas-powered cars are just SO much cooler.

But,I wanted to know the real numbers! So I spoke with Janet Ruiz, Director of Strategic Communication at the Insurance Information Institute about it and the numbers might shock you! might shock you!

Listen to me break down those numbers and answer the question: How much does it actually cost to own an electric car? HERE!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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