Should We Be Worried About The Omicron Variant?

There’s growing concern about a new variant of coronavirus named Omicron by the World Health Organization, following the pattern of Greek code-names like the Alpha and Delta variants… but, how worried should we be?

See ya later Delta variant! There's a new Covid strain in town... or at least in a few towns. Omicron! Is this going to be the worst version of Covid yet? There are already rumors swirling about lockdowns! Will they happen? 

So many questions that I needed to find answers to. That’s why I found myself an infectious disease specialist! But not just any specialist…

You’ve seen him on CBS News, CNN, C-Span, Bloomberg and quoted in nearly every major Newspaper across the country… He’s a Senior Scholar at Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in Baltimore and (of course) an Infectious Disease Specialist - Dr. Amesh Adalja. 

I talk to Dr. Adalja about all things Omicron - including how we are supposed to actually pronounce this new Covid variant! And we answer the question... Should we be worried about Omicron?

Listen to me discuss the concerns about the Omicron variant HERE!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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