Will The Vax Mandate Spoil Your Thanksgiving Travel Plans?

As travel numbers return to pre-pandemic levels the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials insist they will be adequately staffed for the Thanksgiving travel week when President Biden’s federal employee vaccine mandate goes into effect — but have not shared the agency’s vaccination rate since mid-October, when it stood at an abysmal 60 percent.

I saw the American Automobile Association (AAA) is predicting that 53.4 million people will travel this Thanksgiving (which is within 5% of pre-pandemic travel levels from 2019) at the same time hearing that here are new numbers that show roughly 40% of TSA workers remain unvaccinated, despite Biden's vas-mandate!. 

If 4 out of 10 TSA workers have to leave their jobs this week... what does that mean for your Thanksgiving travel plans? I talked with AAA spokesperson Doug Shupe about the numbers and what you need to expect this week if you’re going to be traveling!

Listen to Travis tell you what you need to expect for your travel plans and break down the words from the TSA HERE!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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