Is Aaron Rodgers Selfish For Lying About Being Vaccinated Against Covid-19?

Was Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers lying or just being clever when he said he was “immunized” when asked, directly, if he’d been vaccinated against COVID-19. Either way you want to look at it, was he being selfish and putting players at risk?

When reporters asked Aaron Rodgers if he had been vaccinated, he must have thought they meant something other than for Covid-19 because he simply said, "yes" he had been immunized. A couple weeks ago he got Covid and then it was revealed he had NOT got the jab. Do his words have some justification because of how the unvaxxed are being treated? 

I had to dig a little deeper into this and after combing through dozens of Rogers’ critics' words, I have to say… people are wrong on BOTH sides of this equation. 

Want to hear what everyone had to say?

Listen to me break down the words of Aaron Rodgers and his critics HERE!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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