Republicans Find Winning Strategy and Democrats Contemplate Course Change

Fresh off a strong showing in last week's elections, Republicans expressed newfound confidence that they were well positioned to retake control of Congress next year and ultimately win back the White House.

From Virginia to San Diego, Republicans won elections that are typically won by Democrats. Does this mean the GOP has found a winning strategy that they can take into the midterms and beyond? It sure sounds like it! But, if that’s the case, do Democrats need to change course? 

Squad member and unofficial leader of the progressive movement, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, says that the reason Democrats saw losses across the country is because candidates tried to be too moderate. Does the left need to be more ”left?”

I needed to talk with someone who could give me the real story of how Democrats were feeling, so I decided to call the top guy here in San Diego. Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, Chairman of the San Diego County Democratic Party joined the show to discuss what he thinks is happening across the nation and where Democrats might go next!

Listen to me talk to Will Rodriguez-Kennedy about the elections, progressiveness, and the push of “wokeism” HERE!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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