Will Americans Give Up Gas Powered Cars and Go Electric?

Governor Gavin Newsom says California will no longer sell gas-powered vehicles by 2035, but Americans have always loved their cars because they are an extension of our personalities. Will Americans really be ok with giving up their gas powered cars and driving electric ones instead?

I have always loved cars. From working on them to just admiring what someone else has done to one, they are just fun to be around! And as much as I think the new electric cars are cool (and fast), those battery-powered beasts just don’t hold a candle to a gas-guzzlin’ V8. There’s something about being behind the wheel of a car that twists when you step on the gas and then puts you back in your seat when it gets moving. 

So, as our state, local, and national leaders keep telling us we need to move away from those types of vehicles, I had to ask… Will we ever give up our gas powered cars? 

I sure don’t think so… but who better to ask that same question to than a man that makes a living building hot-rods and muscle cars?

Richard Rawlings from Gas Monkey Garage and star of Discovery’s Fast N’ Loud joined me and we talked about it! Oh… and don’t worry… we also talked about beer assistants, the future of Gas Monkey, and how he got his start in the business.

Listen to my conversation with Richard HERE!

Get you some of that! 

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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