Will You Go Back to Your Pre-Covid Work Life?

Despite how tenuous the state of the world remains, in some ways, life is starting to snap back into pre-pandemic normalcy and a lot of people are now questioning whether or not they want to go back to the way things were, including their old work life.

The Covid-19 pandemic caused a lot of us to make some major changes when it comes to how we make a living. Some people had to work from home and some were laid off completely because their place of employment was forced to close.

Now things are starting to open up again and life looks like we are headed back to some type of normalcy, but now that people have had to work differently (at home, remotely, etc), they are questioning whether their old way of making a living is something that they even want to go back to!

I can still remember the first few months of lockdown when it seemed like every person I knew was posting on social media some type of endeavour they partaking in… some decided to open Etsy accounts and sew. Some started cooking. Others were painting and becoming amatuer finish carpenters or going on exploring missions across the country. No matter what it was, they were doing something that they loved and a lot of them were making money doing it!  

I was able to talk to Self-Help Coach J. Stewart Dixon who gave me some insight on following your dreams! And I spoke with Chandani Flynn, who decided she was going to change things up with her life and not go back to her pre-pandemic job! 

What advice do they have for you if you’re not ready to go back to your pre-covid work life?

Listen to what J. Stewart Dixon and Chandani had to say HERE!

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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