Spike in UFO Sightings Across the Nation - Are You Ready To Believe?

Newly leaked Navy videos show UFO’s darting across the sky and disappearing into the ocean, some of which are right here off the coast of San Diego… are these extraterrestrial crafts or secret government operations?

From the infamous “tic tac” video to the recent black sphere diving into the waters off the coast of San Diego and the pyramid shaped objects flying over LAX, we have seen a spike in UFO sightings across the nation. Is there a logical explanation for all of these things? 

The Pentagon has already confirmed that the videos we are seeing are undoctored and were taken by U.S. Navy personnel. Is the Navy purposely leaking videos because they are getting ready to tell us that we are being visited by extraterrestrials? 

I talk with UFO expert Jeff Krause, Southern California Director at MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) about what we are seeing and walk through the process of trying to debunk some of these videos. He has some interesting theories and a lot of evidence that will blow you away, but the big question is…

Are you ready to believe?

Listen to the full show below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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