Is Freedom of Speech Under Attack?

For most Americans, freedom – especially freedom of speech – is one of the most cherished founding principles of our nation’s identity, but is this founding principle under attack?

Freedom of Speech is something that makes America truly exceptional, but in the aftermath of the Capitol riot, we have seen former President Trump impeached by the House, people banned from social media, statues torn down, schools renamed, and the rise of cancel-culture. With all of this occurring across our great nation, including right here in San Diego, it’s hard to not feel like the First Amendment is under attack. 

Republicans feel like they are being silenced by those on the Left, but Democrats feel like people on the Right are outside of the boundaries of free speech. 

I wanted to break down exactly what rights the First Amendment provides to Americans and if those rights were being taken away from us.

I talked with MIchigan State University Law Professor and Director of the First Amendment Clinic, Nancy Castello and the Director of the Free Speech Center at Middle Tennessee State University, Ken Paulson about it all. They give us all the details and what they say may actually surprise you!

Listen to the full show below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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