Trending News - Friday, January 21

All of the top trending news stories for Friday, January 21st on AM 760 in San Diego.


·Could Omicron Finally ‘Shut Down The Virus?’ These Experts Say Yes

·Coronavirus transmission rates falling across California

·COVID retreating? Data paints encouraging scenario

·Don't underestimate Omicron -- especially if you're unvaccinated


·Preteens may be vaxxed without parents’ consent under California bill

·Anti-vax activists, reveling in successes, will rally in DC against mandates

·39% In Usa Get Booster

·DeSantis won't say if boosted; Status could be used as 'weapon'

·Covid-19 vaccinations do not impair fertility in men or women, study finds

·Two-thirds of corona jab reactions caused by placebo effect - study

·CARHARTT Stuck With Vax Mandate. Backlash Ensued

·John Malkovich denied entry to Italian hotel over expired vax card


·Tearful Adele Postpones Vegas at Last Minute, Blames COVID, But Ticket Sales Are a Mess

·Meat Loaf dead – Bat Out Of Hell singer died after ‘catching Covid’ aged 74, reports claim

·Fraudsters cash in as Dems shovel out billions in COVID relief


·New Mexico calls on National Guard to fill in for sick teachers during Omicron surge

·The pandemic pushed more families to home school. Many are sticking with it

·Back to School, but Still Learning Online

·Teachers responded to a calling; the least we can do is treat them with respect


·Farms Failing as Fertilizer Prices Drive Up Cost of Food

·Biden Must Stop Gaslighting The American People On The Economy

·Price Controls Are An Unserious Solution To Inflation

·End Of Market Superbubble?

·Pandemic darlings fade as investors eye return to normal life

·Now Yellen Says Substantial Inflation Slowdown Expected NEXT Year


·Fed May Issue Digital Currency

·AMAZON says first clothing store will have palm-scanning checkout

·Driverless trucks set to take over roads in TX


·CDC: Quarter Adults Too Lazy

·Peloton CEO DENIES it is stopping production of bikes and treadmills as shares plunge 27 percent after leaked company document said it had suffered 'significant reduction' in demand

·STUDY: Pomegranate Extract May Hold Key To 'Fountain Of Youth'

·Why are men drinking breast milk?


·UPenn swimmer's dad 'furious' over rise of trans athlete Lia Thomas

·Penn Swimmer Alleges Transgender Teammate Purposely Lost To Transgender Opponent

·Caitlyn Jenner: I Am 'Stronger Than' Former 'Female Athlete' After Transition, 'It's Just Not Fair'

·Tinder reportedly charging gay, lesbian and over-30 users up to 48% more


·New 'BATMAN' 3 hours long!

·An Infamous Serial Killer Inspired A Major Character In The Upcoming Batman Film

·'Ozark' Officially Returns Friday. Here's What Fans Need To Know

·Anna Kendrick and Bill Hader have been quietly dating for a year: report

·Britney Spears medical records stay SEALED

·Louie Anderson, Emmy-Winning Comedian, Dies at 68

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