News Trending Now - Tuesday, March 8

The top news stories trending in San Diego on Tuesday, March 8, 2022.


·Biden bans Russian energy imports in bid to hold Putin 'accountable' for Ukraine invasion

·Russia warns of $300 oil, threatens to cut off European gas if West bans energy imports

·Energy industry swipes back at Psaki 'red herring' comment on oil and gas leases

·White House Keeps Misleading Public On Oil, Gas Leasing

·Rising Gas Prices Have American Drivers Asking, ‘Is This for Real?’

·FLASHBACK: Trump Warned UN About Relying On Russian Oil, Was Laughed At By German Delegation


·Ukrainian girl, 10, shot and killed by 'drunk Russian soldiers,' family says

·Horrifying video shows Russian tank obliterating civilian car in Ukraine

·'Now it's no mercy,' Ukrainian soldiers vow

·Latest Russia-Ukraine news: Russia holding 300K civilians hostage: Ukraine MFA

·Construction spotted at NKorea nuke site

·Idina Menzel applauds Ukrainian girl singing 'Let It Go' in bomb shelter: 'We see you'

·Ukrainians use stealth drone fleet called 'The Punisher' to wipe out Russian troops


·Liberals bend over backwards to attack conservatives while covering Ukraine

·Bolton sheds light on why Putin didn't invade Ukraine under Trump

·Poll: Republicans And Independents Would Defend America If Invaded — Dems Say They Would Flee

·Maria Baronova fears ‘we’re on the brink of a nuclear war’ after quitting Russian state-run media over Ukraine

·MSNBC's Joy Reid: World paying attention to Ukraine because it's a 'White ... Christian nation'


·Morgan Wallen wins top honor at ACM Awards 2022 after N-word ban

·Morgan Wallen Eviscerates Cancelation Efforts, Sets Country Music Record


·Is it too risky for kids to go maskless at school and daycare? What experts say

·Where The Heck Is Anthony Fauci? People Are Talking

·It’s ‘Alarming’: Children Are Severely Behind in Reading


·Your toilet paper roll is slimming down

·Shoppers Scramble for Staples as Food Fallout From War Spreads Around World

·Surge in wheat prices to seed more suffering

·Biggest railroad companies profiting from supply chain crisis, watchdog alleges

·Ocean shipping rates 'four times historical averages'

·Pandemic school lunch waivers to deal with supply chain crunch are at risk in spending bill


·Some L.A. schools face uncertain futures as student enrollment declines dramatically

·Public School Taught Educators About 'Gender Culture' For 'Professional Development' Day


·Biden to issue executive order on cryptocurrency

·Walmart cryptocurrency? Filings reveal plans for a coin

·Commodities Are Soaring. That's a Bad Sign for Crypto


·Gubernatorial Candidate Anthony Trimino Explains Why California Is Ready For A GOP Takeover

·‘Defcon 1 Moment’: Florida Democrats Panic Over New Conservative Network Targeting Hispanics

·Why independents have cooled on Biden -- and what that means for Democrats


·Fremont, CA Tops List Of 'Happiest Cities'

·Former California Gov. Jerry Brown living off grid in retirement

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