News Trending Now - Friday, March 4

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Friday, March 4, 2022.


·Russians seize nuclear power plant amid heavy bombardment of Ukraine

·NATO chief accuses Putin of deploying illegal bombs against Ukraine

·Distraught Russian Analyst Toasts To The Death Of His Nation's Stock Market Live On Air

·Blinken says NATO prepared for conflict as US embassy accuses Russia of war crime

·Musk warns may be spying on Starlink internet

·Ukrainian-born Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher launch fundraiser, will match $3M

·Disney+ Removes Classic Cartoon But Not For The Reason You Think

·Putin tries to hide truth about unpopular, struggling invasion from Russian public

·Russian Oligarch Found Hanged In Mansion


·I’ve Dealt With Foreign Cyberattacks. America Isn’t Ready for What’s Coming.

·Thousands of Bay Area Ukrainians look to go home to fight Russia

·Senator Lindsey Graham Calls For The Assassination Of Putin … Draws Fire From Both Parties

·Issa lays into Biden more than Putin over Ukraine, gives Trump a pass

·Kamala Harris ripped for woke tweet while Russia bombards Ukraine

·Dunce dad slammed over 'nuke attack' prank on his terrified family


·How dangerous was Russia's attack at the nuclear power plant?

·Putin actions trigger long-buried fears of nuclear war for generations of Americans

·Steel Bunkers, Iodine Pills, Canned Food: The Apocalypse is Back


·Russia's invasion of Ukraine could set back fight against climate change — or turbocharge it

·Ukraine War and U.S. Politics Complicate Climate Change Fight

·Unite against climate change - Ukraine scientist

·‘We need to do all we can’: Five key takeaways from the U.N. climate report


·Feb payrolls rose surprisingly strong 678,000 as jobs market shows resilience

·IRS rushes to hire 10,000 workers but giant backlog to persist

·Why Your Boss Wants to Know Your Love Language

·Florida Considers Following In California's Regulatory Footsteps


·Senate Passes Joint Resolution To End National COVID-19 Emergency

·L.A. County lifts indoor mask rule after hitting crucial milestone

·Mayor Adams ends NYC vax passports, school masks

·What Will Our Covid Future Be Like? Here Are Two Signs to Look Out For.


·Lightfoot Bragged 'I Have Biggest D*ck in Chicago'

·Lucille Ball hated running a studio and was not a feminist, daughter says

·Penn Swimming Has 'Fallen Apart' As School Breaks Records With Biological Male On Women's Team


·LA city, county roll out pilot program that sends mental health workers to 911 calls

·Inmates leaving gangs, stripping tats for jobs, better lives

·Children committing carjackings for social media fame

·Postal worker admits to lifting $40K worth of sports cards from mail

·Biden Says ‘Fund the Police.’ Well, They Aren’t Exactly Strapped for Cash.

·With release of poop perp, 'justice' in New York hit rock bottom

·Sherri Papini Charged With Faking Her Own Kidnapping

·Sex pest Weinstein caught smuggling a box of Milk Duds into prison

·'The Batman' made me feel miserable about crime-ridden NYC


·Box Office: ‘The Batman’ Earns Heroic $21.6 Million in Thursday Previews

·'Batman' Set For $100+ Million Opening

·AMC charging more for 'The Batman' tickets as part of 'variable pricing' pilot program

·Perspective | 'The Batman' shows that it's always best when he works alone

·Secret ‘The Batman’ cameo fans are buzzing about is true, director reveals


·Fans ‘can’t recognize’ Khloé Kardashian at lunch with Martha Stewart

·Pete Davidson heading to space with Jeff Bezos, sources say

·Kim Kardashian removes 'West' from her social media accounts

·Suzanne Somers reveals how much money she made from ThighMaster

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