News Now Trending - Friday, January 28

Top trending stories for Friday, January 28, 2022 in San Diego.


·Pittsburgh bridge collapses on day Biden visits city to talk infrastructure

·Progressives urge Senate to pass Build Back Better by March 1

·Dems turn to extreme tactics, bullying to pressure moderates

·AOC: Joe Manchin has 'different demand' every day on Build Back Better


·Democratic Mayor Plagued By Violence Tells Residents To ‘Get Your Ass On The Streets’ To Stop Bloodshed

·'We Are Not Safe Anymore': Widow Of Slain NYPD Officer Slams Left-Wing DA In Heartbreaking Eulogy

·Robberies, Assaults And Carjackings Are Plaguing One Of Seattle’s Largest Neighborhoods

·Rep. Cori Bush’s Vehicle Hit By Gunfire In Home District, Congresswoman Uninjured

·Lightfoot Promised to Change Chicago. Crises Keep Piling Up

·FBI and San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department accused of breaking law by seizing marijuana cash

·Skirt-wearing Va. teen who attacked 2 girls no longer has to register as sex offender

·Record Gun Sales Fueled By 5.4 Million First Time Buyers


·Only 59% of single adults encountered by Border Patrol expelled via Title 42 in December

·Notorious Mexican-American gang linked to LAPD officer's murder


·'The Biden economic plan is working' is Joe's latest empty malarkey

·How Chinese elite gave Hunter and Biden family $31 million

·White House welcomes Willow the cat, a 2-year-old tabby from Pennsylvania

·Elon Musk calls Biden a 'damp sock puppet' after WH snub


·‘Stealth omicron’ is now in North Texas. Is it a new COVID variant? What we know.

·Couple recovering from covid couldn't smell smoke when house caught fire. Toddler saved family

·COVID hits one of the last uninfected places on the planet

·Rams-49ers football, Lunar New Year pose new COVID-19 challenge for California

·The Price Of Parking At The NFC Championship Game Is Insanely High


·Governor Holds Up Dog’s Butt During State Of The State, Tells Bette Midler To ‘Kiss Her Hiney’

·German-speaking Covid denialists seek to build paradise in Paraguay

·Rogan, Peterson, Musk Cheer On Canadian 'Freedom Convoy' Against Vaccine Mandates

·Let Kids Take Their Masks Off After the Omicron Surge

·The left should prepare to lose school-mask wars

·Reporter Asks Why Biden Admin Doesn't Stress Living Healthier Lifestyles. Psaki Starts Talking About Masks


·‘Pro Choice’ Hollywood Star Evangeline Lilly Hits Back Hard Against Vaccine Mandates

·For many COVID-19 vaccine opponents, no jab means no job

·Mom with MS died of COVID after being denied vax, treatment: lawsuit

·Apple Music trolls Spotify by boosting Neil Young's music: 'We Love Neil'


·American scientists who downplayed COVID-19 lab leak theory sang a different tune in private, emails show

·Anderson Cooper admits Florida Surgeon General claim about vaccine long-term efficacy 'certainly true'


·Pregnant man emoji coming to iPhones

·26-Year-Old Biological Male Sentenced To Girls' Juvie For Molesting A Child After Coming Out As Trans

·Female Swimmer Says She And Her Teammates Are Uncomfortable Sharing Locker Room With Trans Athlete Who Has 'Male Body Parts'

·Female Olympic Swimmer Says She Would Race Lia Thomas

·The next normal: States will recognize multiparent families


·Jason Momoa reportedly living in $750K RV after Lisa Bonet breakup

·Kanye West Allegedly Spreading Rumor Pete Has Aids ...Confused Pals Calling Pete

·Bridget Fonda spotted for first time in 12 years on 58th birthday

·Now Kourtney Kardashian deletes picture after facing Photoshop accusations

·Octomom Happy Birthday My Sweet 13-Year-Olds!!! ... And You Thought I Couldn't Do It!!!

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