News Now Trending - Tuesday, March 29

The top trending news stories in San Diego on Tuesday, March 29, 2022.


·Putin 'withdraws' Troops From Kyiv

·Dirty Bomb ingredients missing from lab

·Paranoid Putin and his inner circle ‘living in top-secret nuke bunkers’ sparking fears of nuclear war

·Russia Says Will Use Nukes Only In Case Of "Threat To Existence Of State"

·Putin reportedly rejected olive branch from Zelenskyy with menacing message

·Ukrainian mom 'repeatedly raped' by drunken Russian troops as son sobbed nearby

·Biden holds ‘cheat sheet’ of prepared answers for key questions on Russia

·Supervisor Joel Anderson requests federal money for Ukrainian refugee resettlement


·Russia spread anti-vax lies in Ukraine. Will it cause a COVID crisis for Europe?

·FDA Approves 4th Jab; 5th Coming?

·Biden admin offering vaccines to illegal immigrants despite seeking billions in COVID-19 funding

·Border Patrol chief says US on track to hit 1M migrant encounters in 6 months as crisis accelerates

·The looting of Covid relief: 'Biggest fraud in generation'


·Biden pitches largest tax increase in history amid inflation, high gas prices

·Biden's $5.8T budget proposal would be a joke — if it weren't so alarming

·CNBC Host Cuts Off Biden Adviser For Budget Deficit 'Demagoguing'

·MSNBC host baffled that Biden's 'big wins' aren't translating into higher approval ratings

·Biden Just Upended His Own White House's Narrative About The Judge Jackson Hearings


·White House records turned over to House show 7-hour gap in Trump phone log on Jan. 6

·AOC joins Dems calling for Clarence Thomas to resign over wife's texts


·Will Smith Slap On Reporter 10 Years Ago Resurfaces

·Will Smith taught kid how to slap in eerie foreboding of Oscars debacle

·What Jada Pinkett Smith said days before Will Smith's Oscars meltdown

·Rock Joke Not On Script

·Chris Rock Ticket Sales Surge

·SURVEY: 2 In 3 Think He Should Be Charged With Assault

·Will Smith’s Oscar slap ‘taints everything,’ says Academy member: ‘It has tarnished him'

·Assault Prompts Worry From Comedians

·Jada Pinkett Smith posts about 'healing' amid Oscars controversy

·Richard Williams' estranged daughter says Will Smith should be stripped of Oscar

·Oscars will police how diverse you are, but violence? That's fine


·Body language expert gives big clue that proves Will Smith's Oscars outburt WAS fake

·Body Language Expert Says Will Smith's Slap On Chris Rock WASN’T Staged

·Was Will Smith’s Oscars attack STAGED? Crucial clue spotted by body language expert

·Will Smith slapping Chris Rock 'couldn't be faked', claims body language expert

·Body language expert: Will Smith slap was 'choreographed Hollywood display'

·Will Smith's mother: 'That's the first time I've ever seen him go off'


·Jesse Watters Says Will Smith's Slap Is The 'First Time' He's Seen 'Media Cover Black-On-Black Crime'

·NFL will require every team to have minority assistant coach

·Expert says Dems learning they have to abandon 'White racism' narrative on crime


·Think of L.A. spring as the pause between California catastrophes — with poppies

·Newsom calls for more aggressive water conservation amid third year of drought

·Is California’s biofuel program good for the planet?

·Obama Climate Czar Opposes Cracking Down On Alleged Chinese Tariff Violations


·Military wants AI to replace human decision-making in battle

·World's first space hotel to open in 2027 with 'activities you can't do on Earth'


·Elton John adds November San Diego concert at Petco Park and 10 other stadium dates to his farewell tour

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