News Trending Now - Tuesday, March 22

The top news stories trending in San Diego on Tuesday, March 22, 2022.


·Biden nominee weighs in on religious freedoms, dodges question on court-packing

·Jackson: Roe v. Wade is 'settled law'

·MSNBC, Washington Post reporters hit Marsha Blackburn for quoting Judge Jackson on 'hidden agendas'

·'I hope Gitmo detainees die in jail': Furious Lindsey Graham STORMS OUT of SCOTUS nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's hearing after she backed defending terror suspects

·'They Will Crush You': Sen. Cruz Calls Out Democrats For Their 'Explicitly Racial' Filibustering Of Black And Hispanic Nominees


·Boston Mayor Michelle Wu Says She’s Used To Dealing With ‘White’ Problems

·Nikole Hannah-Jones goes off on tipping as a 'legacy of slavery,' deletes tweet


·Russian Troops 'will Run Out Of Food In Days'

·Ukraine claims major victory in battle for Kyiv

·Ukraine braces for more destruction as Biden warns of chemical attacks

·President Biden: There's Going To Be A New World Order, It Hasn't Happened In A While And America Has To Lead It


·Trump delayed weapons to Ukraine and praised Putin. Did that trigger invasion?

·Kid Rock says Trump asked him for advice on ISIS, NKorea

·Stormy Daniels Forced To Pay Trump Massive Sum After Losing Appeal


·Biden says economic strategy working after inflation rises to 40-year high and oil prices skyrocket

·With Inflation Surging, Biden Targets Ocean Shipping

·What happens when corporations expect inflation to stick around

·Why Today's Inflation Might Resemble the 1940s More Than the 1970s


·Home buyers are losing hope as costlier loans sap affordability

·San Diego’s home price will jump to $810K by end of year, these researchers say


·Gas thieves drilled a hole in my truck’s tank to steal fuel as prices surge across US

·Thieves are coming up with novel ways to steal from gas stations and cars

·Average L.A. County gas tops $6 a gallon as nationwide prices continue to drop

·Fla. men allegedly hacked gas pumps to get pennies on gallon as prices continue to soar

·Two Gas Stations Sue Competitor For Having Cheaper Prices


·Is California’s cap-and-trade program hurting the environment more than helping it?

·Record-challenging heatwave to send temps near 100 in California

·Temps in Antarctica reach 70 degrees warmer than normal

·San Diego leaders divided over ballot measure that could eliminate free trash pickup


·Schools nationwide quietly removing books from libraries

·California preschoolers' anti-Biden chant enrages parents: 'Indoctrinating her students'

·Elementary Schoolers Told To Keep Pride Week 'Community Circles' 'Confidential'


·Disney says it will produce more gay content for kids after staff backlash over company's silence over 'Don't Say Gay' bill: Furious parents threaten boycott and claim it's 'not Disney's place to play politics' 

·A Brief Timeline of Disney's 13 'First Gay Characters'

·Disney finds itself in balancing act with walkout threat

·Disney Didn’t Say a Word About Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” Bill, but Money Talks

·Disney faces backlash over LGBTQ controversy: ‘It’s just pure nonsense’

·Anti-Republican Group Wants To Raise $300,000 For Billboards In Florida That Say 'GAY'


·Expert warns that US is 'flying blind' into next stage of pandemic as daily COVID data reporting is slashed just as cases begin to rise in five states and UK sees cases jump 30% 

·The difference in antibody levels in vaccinated people vs. those infected with Covid

·Despite a manipulated media, the COVID lab leak has not been 'debunked'


·Bob Saget Photos Of Headboard ...Authorities Believe Caused His Death

·Kylie Jenner changes baby Wolf's name: 'Didn't feel like it was him'


·You Served Me A Cleaning Solution!!!

·Reese Witherspoon’s birth chart reveals why she’s America’s sweetheart

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