News Trending Now - Friday, March 11

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Friday, March 11, 2022.


·Biden to push for ending normal trade relations with Russia

·Russian strikes hit western Ukraine as offensive widens

·Now Putin bombs a disabled care home: Ukrainians claim Russians are killing MORE civilians than soldiers and have destroyed 48 schools - but Kyiv says it's breaking stranglehold on cities as another helicopter is blown out the sky

·Russian TV pundits are asking Putin to end invasion of Ukraine

·GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn slams Zelensky as a ‘thug’ overseeing ‘evil’ government

·Zelenskyy makes bold claim about Ukraine's resistance against Putin's invasion

·What Happens If Putin Nukes Ukraine?


·NKorea plans 'monster' missile launch by April

·'Putin Was Watching': Trump Says Putin, Xi 'No Longer Respect Our Country'

·Putin Wants a Clash of Civilizations. Is ‘The West’ Falling for It?

·Former AG Barr says US 'can't allow this to escalate into a nuclear war'

·Ukraine Isn’t World War III. It’s Not Even Close.


·'The Northern Flank—Eastern Flank': Harris Struggles To Find Correct Words At Warsaw, Poland Press Conference

·Harris Presidency Would Be A 'Tragedy,' Ex-Zelenskyy Spokesperson Says

·VP says targeting innocent people 'is a war crime, period'


·Record Prices Could Leap 22% More

·Inflation is Biden's fault, and only Biden's fault

·Biden secretary laughing off gas prices resurfaces as your wallet takes hit

·Democrats Aim To Punish Big Oil As Gas Prices Skyrocket

·The hunt for $5.299-a-gallon gas: San Diegans queue up at Costco as prices continue to surge

·Federal Tax Collections Set Record

·Risk of a US recession as high as 35%, Goldman Sachs says


·Even with soaring gas prices, safety concerns make L.A. mass transit a hard sell

·California, Other States To Receive $3.7B For Public Transit

·Legislative Report Says: Align Transportation Money with Climate Goals. Now: How?


·Jussie Smollett Gets 150 Days In Jail & 30 Months Probation Over Faked 2019 Attack; “I Am Not Suicidal, I Am Innocent!” ‘Empire’ Actor Declares

·Jussie Smollett gets just over 4 MONTHS in jail as Empire star slams sentencing for ‘staging racist, homophobic attack’

·'Profoundly Arrogant, Selfish And Narcissistic': Judge Lays Into Jussie Smollett During Sentencing Hearing

·Mayor slams Smollett after hate crime hoax sentencing

·Experts weigh in on disgraced actor Jussie Smollett's sentence


·Colin Kaepernick Is Still Trying To Play In The NFL

·University Of Michigan Accidentally Sends Email ‘Committing’ To The ‘Advancement’ Of Anti-Semitism

·Leading Civil Rights Group Cooks Books To Conceal Black Nationalist Violence

·2020 Census undercounted some Latino, Black and Native American residents


·Two grueling years later, world takes cautious steps forward

·COVID-19 lockdown measures may have caused brain inflammation that impacts mental health, MGH study says

·More teens and young adults are overdosing right after getting a prescription for mental health drugs

·Six Florida vacationers overdose on fentanyl-laced cocaine


·Mummified body found in wall of California convention center


·Billy Joel not involved in ‘Piano Man’ biopic, won’t feature his music

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