News Trending Now - Wednesday, March 9

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Wednesday, March 9, 2022.


·Western officials 'seriously concerned' Putin could use chemical weapons

·Ukrainian children’s hospital bombed by Russian forces: ‘Pure genocide’

·CIA Warns Going To Get Ugly

·Biden Has A Big Problem In Poland, And He's Depending On Harris To Solve It

·Putin Takes Aim At Key Commodity, Raw Material Exports On The Heels Of Biden’s Russian Oil Ban

·Ukraine's first lady emerges as a staunch defender of her nation on social media


·China Warns U.S. Over Forming Pacific NATO, Backing Taiwan

·​​Ukraine war likely to influence China on Taiwan, US intelligence chiefs say

·China to increase military aggression around Taiwan: US intelligence report

·Here's what could happen if China invaded Taiwan


·Devout Jews in Ukraine stay to pray and await 'apocalypse'

·'King Kong' monkey snatches helpless seagull out of sky and bashes it to death on pole

·Bag of animal heads linked to sacrifice ritual

·Man caught urinating on NYC subway as commuters seem unfazed


·Spiking gas prices sting drivers nationwide, tapping pocketbooks and patience

·Facing reelection, Newsom touts the ‘California way’ and teases gas tax rebate

·Why US gas prices are at a record and why they'll stay high for a long time

·'It's Feeling Like the 1970s Again'

·Democrats look for cover on rising gas prices

·Former Keystone Pipeline works says energy crisis is result of Biden's policies

·Santa Barbara County blocks ExxonMobil’s bid to restart offshore oil wells

·Filling a gas-powered vehicle can still be cheaper than charging an electric one

·One Tweet About Gas Prices Comes Back To Bite Democrats


·Americans May Have to Say Goodbye to Steak and Burgers as Beef Costs Rise

·California food assistance program hits a ‘crisis point’ in keeping up with demand

·HALF of Americans quit jobs last year

·4.3 million people walked in January!

·Record number cities have home listings that top $1 million


·Effort to repeal Prop. 47 California crime law fails

·Nearly all major crimes increased last year in San Diego, police say

·Law Enforcement Backs California Bill Making Human Trafficking a ‘3 Strikes’ Crime


·How Air Pollution Across America Reflects a Racist Policy From the 1930s

·'Black Panther' director Ryan Coogler mistaken for bank robber

·Marvel switching 'King Conan' character after indigenous community backlash


·WHO warns pandemic 'far from over'

·CDC says avoid travel to New Zealand, Hong Kong, Thailand as corona cases surge

·Empty Stores and an Exodus: Hong Kong’s Covid Crackdown Stirs Panic

·US pushed partnership with Wuhan lab since 2017 – with promise of 'pandemic preparedness,' documents show

·Vaccines, Masks, Staying At Home Did Not Make A Major Difference In COVID Case Rates, NYT Says


·Shipwreck Of Ernest Shakleton’s Endurance Found At The Bottom Of The Antarctic After 107 Years

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