News Trending Now - Wednesday, March 2

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Wednesday, March 2, 2022.


·Biden’s State of the Union speech takes aim at Putin, and poll numbers

·State of Union: Biden vows to halt Russia, hit inflation

·Covid 'need no longer control lives'

·The State of the Union: Together, if Only for a Few Minutes

·Biden draws bipartisan applause for calls to ‘fund the police’

·Biden Says Energy Plan Will Fight Climate Change, Inflation In State Of The Union Speech

·Biden's unserious State of the Union was nothing but bumbling hypocrisy

·According to Joe Biden, everything is going great


·Pelosi distracts with bizarre behavior

·Pelosi sparks new SOTU meme during Biden 'burn pits' moment

·Boebert heckles as he talks about late son

·Kamala Harris Appears To Mouth The Word 'Ukrainian' As Biden Flubbed The Pronunciation

·Sen. Chuck Schumer Stood Up To Clap At The Wrong Time And Everybody Noticed

·'Nobody Is Watching': Elon Musk Mocks Biden's State Of The Union Performance


·AOC blasts Biden for leaving out key issues from State of the Union: 'A lost opportunity'

·Rep. Rashida Tlaib Calls For ‘Transforming Our Discriminatory Legal System’ In State Of The Union Response

·'Waiting For The Insanity To Stop' — The Republicans' Choice For SOTU Response Goes After Biden

·Lawmakers slam GOP Reps. over outbursts during SOTU


·Oil Touches $113 A Barrel

·U.S. house prices to rise another 10% this year

·Powell Says Interest Rates Are Headed Higher

·States where American families are paying the highest prices

·Economic dangers from Russia invasion ripple across globe


·Mayor says onslaught brought 'mass casualties,' Russians BLOCKING civilian evacuations

·'We were sent as cannon fodder. We're killing peaceful people': Weeping Russian POWs say they had no idea they were being sent to war and were made 'to attack people defending their territory'

·Charred remains of Putin's tanks lie smoldering in the street in extraordinary images after convoy was blown to pieces by Ukrainian resistance near Kyiv

·Missile hits Holocaust memorial


·Reports: Russian Troops Surrendering Without A Fight; Running Our Of Food, Fuel

·Russian troops slaughter Ukrainian cop's family including newborn, parents: reports

·Anonymous claims to have shut down Russia space agency

·Putin's ally in Belarus appears to reveal plans for eastern Europe

·U.S. and Britain reportedly believe the Ukraine war could last 10-20 years, become a Russian quagmire


·Prez Zelensky Ready For Primetime In Uk!!! Network Buys His Sitcom

·Whoopi Goldberg Pay Attention, America … 'take Notes' From Prez Zelensky


·Why crime is at the center of California elections this year

·Carjackings in cities like NYC, Philadelphia jump over 200% – often with kids behind the wheel, officials say

·Man carjacked outside Sorrento Valley gym


·L.A. County likely to drop indoor mask order Friday

·Two years into the pandemic, is the end in sight?

·Spring break travel is back, and so are high prices: ‘Like bears coming out of hibernation’


·Liberals Suddenly Love When Troops Are Deployed To Crush Protests

·University Temporarily Banned Student From 'Any Contact' With Three Peers Because Her Ideas Were 'Unwelcome'

·Sam Elliott Slams 'Piece of S---' Power Of The Dog and Its 'Allusions to Homosexuality'


·'Wheel Of Fortune' Contestant Goes Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

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