News Trending Now - Tuesday, March 1

Top news stories trending in San Diego on Tuesday, March 1, 2022.

DAY 6 

·Russian troops stalled north of Kyiv, running out of food and gas, says US official

·GET OUT NOW - Russia issues chilling warning for Ukrainians to flee parts of Kyiv NOW as it blitzes TV tower ahead of new bombardment

·Zelenskyy's powerful speech moves translator to tears

·Ukraine claims Putin used illegal vacuum bomb during invasion

·Russia shifts to an aggressive bombing campaign, increasingly hitting civilians

·Ukrainian policeman's entire family is 'killed by Putin's thugs' while he is on patrol: Baby boy and six-year-old sister are shot dead with their mother and grandparents while fleeing invaders 

·Ukraine tower blasted in Russian airstrike, cutting off TV stations: officials

·First social media war

·Why Ukrainians Believe They Can Win

·PAT ROBERTSON: Putin 'compelled by God' to invade and fulfill biblical prophecy

·How weather could give Ukraine the edge against Russia in coming days


·Student who tracks Musk jet targeting oligarchs!

·'Let Those Russian Sh*ts Come Here': Ukrainian Grandma Shows CNN Her Stash of Molotov Cocktails

·Ukrainian Parliament Member Kira Rudik Poses With An AK-47, Vows To Fight The Russians

·Ukrainian National Guard Tweets About Greasing Bullets For Chechen Fighters With Pork Fat

·Former Miss Ukraine Appears To Hold An Airsoft Gun In Viral Photo, Not Assault Rifle


·Downtown San Diego Russian restaurant receives threats amid Ukraine invasion

San Diego restaurants pull Russian vodka and wear flags of solidarity to protest war in Ukraine

·I get paid to be a Putin impersonator – but now I fear for my life


·'The Batman' pulled from Russia

·Ukrainian tennis star refuses to play Russian opponent


·Thanks to Biden's war on energy, Americans pay more — and Putin wins

·U.S. oil price surges 11% to $106 a barrel, a 7-year high prompted by Russia’s assault on Ukraine

·Economist tells Biden to step up energy production as firms ditch Russia

·25 States Line Up Against Biden Attack On Natural Gas Industry

·Buying Cars In 2022: Paying Over Sticker Is The New Normal


·It’s Time for the Weirdest Night in American Politics

·Psaki says Biden won't wear mask to State of Union on first day of White House pivot

·Biden gets bad marks from Americans weighing in on state of our union

·This might be Biden's last State of the Union that actually means something

·These House Republicans Will Not Attend Biden's State Of The Union Address

·$10 toothpaste? Household goods makers face blowback on price hikes


·Biden Claims The GOP Is Trying To Ban Black Votes 'From Even Counting'

·Black woman says Delta moved her to back of plane for white passengers


·‘Too Dangerous’: Famous Seattle Bakery Closes Due To Rise In ‘Shootings,’ Criminal Activity

·Shortage of dispatchers leaving more 911 callers on hold


·California schools don’t have to require masks after March 11

·Some San Diego School Districts Keeping Mask Mandate Past State's Drop Date

·Is it safe to lift indoor mask rules at California schools? Here’s what health experts say

·'What Changed In The Science?' Fox News' Bill Hemmer Asks Psaki After White House Lifts Mask Mandate

·LA County to consider aligning with California's eased mask mandate

·I'm Just Not Ready for the New Normal


·Britney Spears Being Totally Nude On Instagram Is Normal Now Apparently

·'What Does Seggs Mean?' The Rise of Sex Euphemisms on Social Media

·'Family Feud' Contestant Gives Filthiest Correct Answer, Goes Viral On Social Media


·300 push-ups... or just 30 mins of gardening? Half an hour of digging and shovelling per week is JUST as good as weight training and cuts your risk of an early death by a FIFTH

·STUDY: Nostalgia Relieves Pain; Just Looking At Old Photos Cures Aches

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