Judge Rules in Favor of Pastor Surveilled by Homeland Security

SAN DIEGO - A judge rules in favor of a former San Diego County pastor who sued the Department of Homeland Security for putting her on a watch list as an activist and instigator during the migrant caravan waves in 2018.

The judge found the agency violated the first amendment rights of the Rev. Kaji Douša to minister to migrants gathered at the border in Tijuana. A high-ranking Border Patrol agent had sent an email to Mexican authorities encouraging them to arrest Rev. Douša and 23 others so CBP could detain them for questioning.

Douša, who now pastors a church in New York, was performing marriages South of the Border in an effort to keep some couples together as they attempted to gain entry into the U.S. The pastor did not seek monetary damages in the suit, but was awarded attorney's fees and other reasonable costs.


Photo: Getty Images

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