Insane Video Catches Powerful Storm Surges Sweeping Through Florida Street

Storm wave breaking at northern coast in winter. Seasonal climate change with stormy sea and sky

Photo: Getty Images

Videos of Hurricane Ian's rampage is making the rounds on social media, including one Twitter video capturing the raw power of storm surges.

Mike Bettes, the host of Weather Underground on The Weather Channel, posted "rare" footage of a dangerous storm surge sweeping through Fort Myers Beach, Florida. The meteorologist says the camera is six feet off the ground on Estero Boulevard. Video shows huge waves battering the camera as trees and poles waver from the hurricane-force winds.

"Not sure how much longer it keeps working," he noted. Bettes also posted a follow-up photo of what the street typically looks like.

This happened hours before Ian made landfall Wednesday afternoon (September 28) along Florida's west coast, bringing torrential rains and dangerous winds along with storm surges.

Storm surges are one of the most dangerous aspects of a hurricane, especially for coastal communities. They can drown areas within minutes and be deadly for anyone caught in their path. Other videos from bystanders and news reporters showed entire neighborhoods underwater.

It took days for Ian to strengthen from a tropical storm into a Category 4 hurricane. Forecasters expect Ian to sweep through the Florida peninsula and leave the country by late Thursday (September 29).

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