Woman Forced To Give Nude Photos To Ex-Husband For 'Memory's Sake'

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A Utah woman was left shocked after a judge ordered her to turn over a series of intimate photographs to her ex-husbandLindsay and Chirs Marsh decided to end their 25 years of marriage in 2021.

During the proceedings, Chris requested a series of boudoir-style photographs that Lindsay had commissioned in the early days of their marriage. Lindsay balked at the request and asked the judge to allow her to keep the intimate photos.

The judge ruled that Lindsay had to turn over the photos because they were considered a gift. However, the judge did allow her to have the images edited before turning them over.

"That person is to do whatever it takes to modify the pages of the pictures so that any photographs of [Lindsay Marsh] in lingerie or that sort of thing or even without clothing are obscured and taken out," 2nd District Judge Michael Edwards wrote in a ruling shared with The Salt Lake Tribune, "but the words are maintained for memory's sake."

Lindsay is speaking out about the judge's ruling, telling KSL that it left her feeling "humiliated."

"I am scared, but I want to be brave and protect other people from feeling the things I have had to feel," she said. "Exes cannot be allowed to ask for such inappropriate things, their attorneys need to counsel their clients in a nonharmful, cohesive (way) ... and judges need to uphold the law they swore to protect."

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