The Politics of Our Nation's Covid Response and the Americans Sick Of It

There was a scene in one of those "Naked Gun" comedies featuring Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Presley practicing "safe sex", dressed in head-to-toe Saranwrap. Absurdly funny then, but it sounds like where we're headed today. Never enough protection against, well, everything virus and variant.

If the CDC, NIH, Dr Fauci and others have their way, we are now a nation of lab rats forever being tested for the next theory. Now it's back to "guidance" and "recommendations"... leading to more likely mandates.

To what end? How long? What's the end game? Maybe this is forced "new normal'. No way. The CDC has been unable or unwilling to provide solid data warranting their mask stance shift, and reports are at least one bit of data that influenced their kneejerk response was based on a study in India that was based on a vaccine not used in the USA.

But here we go again. This round is all about shaming or forcing those Americans who can't or won't get vaccinated to take the jab, or else. In the meantime, government throws in more incentives that backfire. Today, Biden proposed states give $100 bonuses to people getting first time vaccinations. That causes even more delay, as many people wait for even sweeter freebies before getting the shot...or shots.

Meanwhile, the calls increase for everyone, even fully vaccinated, to mask up again indoors. Kids, too, in school. Not based on science much at all, but mostly politics and control.

Funny thing, though. There's a sense that Americans from the left, right and mushy middle are starting to reject the notion that government knows best on everything even remotely connected to "public health". Liberty and freedom over the last few weeks have flourished. And this time there will be more opposition to government overreach.

In a strange way, bureaucrats trying to amplify their power over us are actually beginning to unify Americans. That's a good thing.

Photo Credit: Getty Images

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