Hey Gavin Newsom, Take a Cue from Your Fellow Governors!

Maybe Gavin Newsom ought to a touch base with his fellow governors in a bipartisan way.

Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis announced he was relinquishing all Covid related emergency powers and has signed a bill with some immediate relief. Not to be outdone, embattled New York Democrat Andrew Cuomo crowed about the New York City area fully opening in just days… May 19th. 

Yet Newsom hasn’t budged from his position that, by JUNE 15...if we’re all very, very good (aka “with caveats, always caveats”) the “tier system as we know it” will go away. No doubt he’ll concoct some new convoluted set of guidelines that would start June 16.

Maybe Newsom, who is facing a recall election, should take a fresh look at the actual stats involved in California and COVID-19. We did, talking to data expert Justin Hart . LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW BELOW:

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